Moving On

Today when we got to the  property it was cold as sin with a strong gusty wind blowing. So we started a fire and picked up all the discarded brush and trash. Along about 11 it had warmed enough to start work without risking frost bite.

Setting the first pole was a challenge. Naturally we picked the heaviest one which resulted in a couple of near catastrophic failuresIMG_20160123_132052862 before we picked a lighter pole. After that it went fairly well and the first pole was set in place then concrete poured in less than an hour. To the right of the white bucket you can see the pole that we gave up on. The flesh colored stains are some skin from my ear which got in the way of its final voyage to ground level.






Things progressed from there with poles two, three and four being IMG_20160123_162238422very well behaved. By the end of the day it was gratifying to see four posts in place and ready for the boards which will frame the bottom of the shed.

Tomorrow we will set the two remaining poles for the awning then use what concrete is left to set more footers. Monday 150 more bags of concrete are being delivered along with some 16 foot lumber. I miscalculated some measurements very early on so the 12 foot lumber I bought is a few inches shy of what is needed in several critical spots. The 12 foot lumber will get used further up in the structure but I wanted as few seams as possible for the base so it will be Monday before we can start framing the floor.

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  1. Looking Great Ish, I see a GC license in your future, along with writing for the “for Dummies” series.

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