Propane Refrigerator

A couple of days ago I fired up the propane/electric fridge for a test run. We ran it on 120 for about 30 minutes just to see if it would IMG_20160811_140157107cool. I’m very happy to say that it seemed to perform well so the next day I loaded it into IMG_20160811_140223952_HDRthe back of the truck and headed out to the swamp. I’ve been a bit anxious about how I would get it out of the truck and into the shack but heard that Amos would be out this weekend so I enlisted his and Andys help. After much sweating, grunting and mild cussing, we managed to get it in.

Because of the location of the controls I only had a couple of options IMG_20160813_151731319about where to put it once inside. I also had to take the exhaust into account since proper operation of these refrigerators is totally dependent upon air flow. I finally settled onIMG_20160813_183650284 the right rear of the shack then set to scheming about how to actually install it. I spent most of the day reading the installation manual and measuring clearances then finally got a start on it.

By this morning I had the platform built and some framing in. At that point I ran out of screws of course. So it was off to town for a shower then a run to Lowes. Sometime, about 45 seconds after a shower, I kept hearing my bed calling me so I figured a short nap was in order. Over two hours later I sat up, said “Huh?” and finally got dressed.

By the time I got back to the trailer I decided it was to late to head out and settled. Just as well, it’s raining again.

Tomorrow morning I head out and hopefully will have a functioning refrigerator in a day or so. Check back for updates.

Living the dream.