And Then, It Rained

It’s Sunday afternoon. We’ve had rain off and on since Thursday night. So far we’ve had about 5 inches.

As everyone is aware, we had a very long dry spell. Many of the roads were very soft. Much of County Line was deep, fine sand and rutted in several places. A lot of this was from the fire a couple of weeks ago but also from the simple fact that we had absolutely no rain for weeks to settle the roads.

Starting Thursday night we had rain of maybe an inch or so. I had to drive out Friday morning early and it wasn’t bad. A few spots I started to bog down a bit and had to downshift but good overall. I came back in Friday afternoon and it had obviously rained heavy while I was gone.  I went into 4wd at the cattle gate and stayed in it.

Camp P from Tower to Kelly was a slow roll. They are logging on Kelly somewhere so there are about three football field length areas that are soft and deep.

After Kelly, Camp P was pretty firm except for a few small soft spots. I stopped a couple of places and dug small trenches to drain water that will hopefully help.

County Line was pretty much a slow roll to nearly Gum. I stopped a couple of time to dig trenches but had to be careful. As heavy as my truck is it tends to sink like a rock in soft sand.

On the way in the ditches were starting to fill but still had a way to go before getting to road level.

The Preacher came in Saturday afternoon. He pretty much reported the same experience saying that he was in 4wd high most of the way and having to go to low a couple of times.

At my place, the rain has been draining and soaking in fairly quickly. Today I started to get standing water. I’m guessing that the roads are doing the same this afternoon.

The weather prediction is for rain through Wednesday then tapering off quickly. Hopefully we’ll have a few dry spells until then so the roads drain a bit.

If anyone has an update text, email, or leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “And Then, It Rained”

  1. Good to have you out there to keep us informed , I appreciate the info, and your help.

    1. Hope this helps.
      Max is good to Farr and Farr is good with a couple of soft spots to Dusty.

    1. Thank you and thanks for the heads up. I’ve opened up the comments so it shouldn’t be any trouble for people.

      If there is any interest I’ll start posting updates regularly.

      I’ve thought about expanding this from a blog to a full tilt site. I’ve been dinking with code to see if I could do a simple buy/sale/trade section for BTW.

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