Sign For Sale, Really Cheap

Went to town yesterday. (today is Tuesday) The roads were very good. There’s a bit of washboard on County Line and Camp P but even in my truck it wasn’t all that bad. There are a few soft spots that will slow you a bit but even they were minor. I was in 4WD but I usually stay in it anyway. I’ve found that my truck is so heavy that it handles better if I just stay in 4WD. Also, my clutch is going so I’m easing it along as I can until I can have it replaced.

There is a rather large soft spot developing at County Line and Max. I would suggest going around it as much as possible.

We have had several heavy rain showers this last week. Water is still running off and not puddling on the roads to any major degree.

The Preacher went out Saturday. He took the old way. He reported that West Boundary is pretty wet until Wire but that there was hard bottom in all the puddles. From Wire all the way to the cattle gate has been filled and graded. He said he was in 4WD but didn’t really need it for the most part.

When we go to the cattle gate yesterday we had a rather unpleasant surprise. It seems that we’ve attracted the attention of an extremely untalented street artist.

For anyone who hasn’t been out lately, the old swing gate has been replaced. I guess you can only run over a 15 wide, 5 foot tall gate so many times before it just gives up. For the life of me I can’t understand how people don’t see that gate in time to avoid hitting it. I was legally blind until a few weeks ago and still could figure out when to stop and open it.

Anyway, we seem to have attracted the attention of some ghetto rat with a can of bright red spray paint. As I said, he’s not very talented since he went outside the lines on several occasions and apparently only has one color of paint. Everyone knows that any self respecting tag artist has two or more colors to make their work really stand out.

Also, his message needs a lot of work. “Fuck you!” just doesn’t convey much of anything in today’s society. With rampant confusion regarding gender, bathrooms, and little boys competing against little girls in sports dominating the prime time news cycle, such a phrase just doesn’t have a black or white meaning or the power it once conveyed. I remember back in my day it was either a challenge or a question. Nowadays who knows?

On a scale of 1 to 10 I have to give our street artist a 6 for stealth since I’ve not heard of any accidental shootings, a 2 for talent since they were all over the place with only a single color of paint, and a 2 for message. So it’s back to the ghetto for them.

I hate to be so harsh on what is obviously young and immature talent but I’m not paid to be politically correct. And no, I won’t loan a brother a can of paint.

3 thoughts on “Sign For Sale, Really Cheap”

  1. It’s a ways off yet. But I am going to plan on it. If Ben & Reese come along it will depend on their work schedule. We’ll make do whatever the accommodations. Sounds like you have one of them nature showers.

  2. Hope to see you. The Ishimo Motel hasn’t improved all that much since your last time but if you get here before winter you can at least get a shower. I’ll be taking a long walk.

    Ben and Reese are welcome anytime. If they come together one will have to sleep on the floor. It will be a toss up which one sleeps with Ziggy. If I get my trailer here on the property they can have separate beds but Ziggy will still probably insist on hanging out.

    I don’t have messenger. Email is the only way to contact me outside of the phone and here. Not sure how to answer messages on facebook.

  3. Hi John;
    Sounds like you are getting back into the groove. LOL
    Maybe, just maybe I might gate up there to see you later this year. Hopefully Ben & Reese might make it also. Check your facebook messages. Probably a wanne be ghetto artist from the north who doesn’t know his gender.

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