Water, water, everywhere

Would you believe that I have to haul in water while working in a swamp? Well, I don’t have to but the nearest water is several hundred feet away over a very rough path, so I haul it in.

The day before yesterday we made some serious progress and ended the day with six poles left to be set, two footers in place and several  bags of concrete left over. We took yesterday off since Randy had some other work IMG_20160201_160818492[1]
to do and I spent the day mostly sleeping. This morning I picked up another six bags of concrete and loaded a 35 gallon drum of water in the truck.

By mid today we had two more footers in and another pole set. The weather was turning bad and we became worried about high winds damaging the poles. We decided to install additional bracing then continue work. Before we knocked off for the day we were able to get the 2×12 batter board in place which is the first permanentIMG_20160203_160320542[1] lumber except for the 4×4 poles. In this picture the 2×12 on the front is actually the front of the first floor porch. The row behind it will be the front of the shed itself. The floor will be about six inches below the top of the 2×12 which will have to be notched in places for steps, a ramp, doors etc. All of the other lumber is temporary bracing that will be removed at some point as we get the floor installed and move upward. It is nearly four feet from the bottom of the batter board to the ground. I wanted this shed well above the high water mark.

There are certain benefits to getting old. I just can’t remember them right now.

4 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere”

    1. You can have your choice of two rooms. You might have to share it with the generator and air compressor though but they are very quiet unless provoked.

  1. That is a beautiful thing Ish. You may want to consider insulation in the floor being that is where you will lose most of your cooling to. But with the lack of a foundation you would need to protect the insulation from nesting bugs and varmits. So maybe a thin treated plywood underneath. Not sure what resources you have there, but in e north east, there are a lot of people selling used iso foam board pretty inexpensively. It has a seriously high R6.5 per inch value, so just getting some 3″ iso foam could give you some pretty decent insulation. Just a thought from the great white north.

    1. Insulation is on the to do list. I’ve been thinking about putting something on the stringers under the shed but haven’t got that far yet. Probably I’ll revisit that question mid to late summer at the rate things are going.

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