Road Report

This is the first of hopefully many road reports. In the future you will be able to check here for road conditions and other news from out in the swamp. Then follow any Amazon link and shop till you drop.

As of yesterday, April the 21st, County Line and what little of Max I drive was good. Camp P is rough with some fairly deep holes but all seemed to have fairly hard bottoms. Gum isn’t bad to Farr. Farr to Dusty (Connector No. 2) is pretty bad with a couple of holes 4WD worthy. Dusty is a total disaster.

I drove Bat from Dusty to Max about a week ago. It’s in good shape with no major problems.

Of course it’s looking like rain today so all of this could change for the worse in no time.

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  1. Was thinking about going to my property off of Farr rd ! If I go I’ll let you know how the road conditions are to my property!

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