And So It Begins

After several years of wishing and hoping, I’ve finally found some land in north Florida and will soon be leaving city living behind. By leaving behind I mean the land I’m moving to currently has no water, electricity, sewer or shelter. With winter approaching I am feeling the pressure to get started and just learned that closing has been delayed once more.

The delay doesn’t at all surprise me since it’s been anything but smooth sailing so far. A few months ago I had found what I thought to be the perfect piece of land. After a very short contact with the realtor representing the seller I returned home and turned over everything to my realtor to complete the buy. At that point the realtor for the seller became the bipolar realtor from hell and needless to say, the deal died a sudden death.

I then located more vacant land and scheduled another road trip. All of this land is located about four hours from where I live now which isn’t terribly bad but requires a bit of planning since I have to negotiate some major traffic jams to get there. However, the trip went smoothly and I returned home ready to make an offer on another piece of land.

This time the offer was well received but it was on the wrong piece of land. Fortunately the sellers rep was very helpful and I set out once again. After turning off the paved road I quickly learned that a road which was easily driven the week before could be entirely different to navigate a few days later.

Once a mere mud puddle, I suddenly found myself in a mud lake.
Once a mere mud puddle, I suddenly found myself stuck in a mud lake.

You can’t imagine how relieved I was to discover that there was about four square feet I could stand in and get a cell phone signal. Slightly more than three hours later I was out of the mud lake, the tow truck driver was a bit more solvent and I was faced with whether to try to continue or abort. I turned tail and headed back to town.

So here I am, waiting to close on a piece of land I’ve not actually seen, wondering if I’ll be able to even get my cargo containers delivered once I do close and waiting on my mechanic to call and tell me that he’s completed the last minute tweaks on my 4wd truck. Yeah, it’s an adventure for sure.