I’m Back

Been almost three weeks. Ouch. All both of my readers have been pinging me for being lax. Sorry.

First of all, I would really like to thank everyone who is using my Shop Amazon to Shop Amazon. As I’ve said before, shopping Amazon via this site doesn’t cost anymore and I get a small commission. Presently I have a couple of more months then I will be able to buy some toy for the shack in the swamp. Right now I’m leaning toward a 100 watt solar panel or a Yagi cellular antenna.

Meanwhile, out in the swamp, I’ve not been idle. Well, sometimes I’ve been idle but its mostly been busy, busy, busy. Alright, maybe its more like busy. That’s old person talk for I got some stuff done.

I cut some new paths. John Boy came by on his tractor and bush hogged my old and new paths which was super nice of him. His bush hog mulches the brush which helps level things a bit so it isn’t so nerve wracking to drive around. I have enough cleared now that I can load tools and a cooler in the truck, drive to where I want to work and not have to run to the shack every time I need gas or a cold water.

I cut a new driveway and started blocking the old one off. It is actually an extension of the old drive but instead of turning and coming alongside the shack it is more winding. Once finished it will give me ample opportunity to see someone coming in.

I planted some pecan, eucalyptus, and oak trees. Hopefully I’ll live long enough to stand under them in the shade someday. I also planted some trifoliate orange which are growing like weeds. I want to plant a complete barrier across the front by next spring. Maybe by next fall I’ll have my living barrier tall enough to start to work.

Had a real surprise show up via UPS. Plume bought a Whynter 85 Quart Refrigerator/Freezer and had it drop shipped to me. It runs on 12 vDC or 120 volts. It works great so far. I tested it in town by cooling it to 32 degrees then putting in some ice trays and set it on fast freeze. Fifteen minutes later I had ice cubes. At the shack I ran it for a day on 12 volts and it froze stuff gang busters. But I don’t have enough solar to run it and the fridge over the long run without running the generator every three days or so. So I’m going to have to add at least one more battery and solar panel I believe. I hope its only one battery since they are expensive as all get out.

The fridge is giving me problems. It’s drinking propane like crazy. A 20 pound bottle only lasts about a week which is way to much. Seems that it never shuts off hardly and then its only for a few minutes. I found that I could disconnect the thermistor and have it run a percentage of the time based on the coldness setting. I did that and set it on the warmest setting. I left for town, came back a six days later and found that the freezer was thawed. So I bumped it up a couple of notches and left. We’ll see what happens when I get back out.

I took the cell phone booster out of the truck and put it in the shack. I now have 4G while sitting in the shack and clear as a bell phone calls. Come to think of it, instead of a Yagi I might get an omnidirectional antenna so I have better coverage. Though I only turn it on when I need it, I’m powering it from a 15 watt solar panel and a NAPA deep cycle battery that I don’t know where I got it. I’ve had the battery for at least three years but never used it so I believe it should be in pretty good shape.

I took a part time job in town at the camp ground I’m staying at. It was a bumpy start at first but has smoothed out and I’m working a few hours a day now. If I can work off my lot rental every month that will put about 400 dollars extra in my pocket to buy new toys for the swamp.

While in town I watch a lot of Netflix. I had to quit watching the Star Trek series. Has anyone noticed how that no matter how new or advanced the Enterprise is, the least little thing is able to kill it? It doesn’t matter what it is, they only have to fire three shots and the Enterprise is going down the tubes. Just once I’d like to see them stomp a mud puddle in someones chest and keep going on.

OhoohooCaptain Smirk, there’s a ship uncloaking off our starboard bow. Or maybe port stern. Crap! It’s right there in front of us.
Smirk: On the television. Or display. Or screen. Crap! Show me.
Pock: That’s an Awesome class battle cruiser from the Smurf Alliance Captain! It’s equipped with four blue smurf cruise missiles capable of destroying a moon!
Ohoohoo: Captain, they are powering up weapons. Should I raise shields?
Smirk: Nah. Nuke em till they twinkle Ohoohoo.
Ohoohoo: Nuking em till they twinkle Captain.
Pock: Oh look! Shiny!
Smirk: Snotty! It’s time for the movie. Where do I plug this projector in?
Snotty: I’m giving ya all I’ve got Captain! She can’t take anymore!
Smirk: I don’t care about your sex life Snotty. Get this movie going. That’s an order.

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  1. Glad you are making progress with your barrier. Keep putting up solar panels & your going to suck the sun outa the sky. LOL That freezer thingy sounds pretty neat, now your drink will stay cold. It will probably be next year before we can get up there. Of course that may depend on who wins the election.

  2. Ishimo out there in the swamp you will need something COLD to drink after a long day of working. A mix drink is always better with one or two cubes of ice, love your blog keep up the good work. hope to read some more very soon.

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