In The Land Of The Blind

The man who can make ice is king.

Good news tonight. Today I hooked up 12 volts to the propane fridge I had bought then connected it to 120. It works. I am now fairly certain that it will work on propane which means I can make ice once it is installed.

I’ll be loading it up tomorrow morning to take out to the shack. Installation is going to be a major effort. I’m starting a projects page for it. Check it out for updates.

2 thoughts on “In The Land Of The Blind”

  1. Or how about chilled wine.Looks like all the makings of a BIG cookout. Beef, pork, pre- marinated turkey all on the hoof. Alligator nuggets anyone? Been following the whole process with great interest. Can sure do without the snakes and bugs though. you are certainly much more creative than I ever thought about being.

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